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It is generally accepted that if the finished job looks good then it was a success.

The following show some of the defects we found during renovations.

Washing machine disaster

The waste pipe (large) was incorrectly glued. The plumber heated it in order to twist it so it faces outside of the wall. He didn't notice that he damaged the electrical conduit behind. 

The water pipe (with the gold ring) was connected to the tap supplying the washing machine. There is a special component that should have been part of the installation. To save costs, the plumber connected the pipe directly to the tap without this component. This cannot work! The gold ring which acts as a seal got deformed and does not seal. It leaked! 

Plumbing problem

Braai place demolishing

The braai place was build skew, without insulation and too far into the brickwork preventing the covers from fully open.

We demolished the entire brickwork and rebuilt.

We demolish and rebuild

Underground electrocuting connection

This is what we found inside the floor. The connector was wrapped in insulation tape. Completely illegal and very dangerous.

We solve electrical issues

You don't need lintels 

We were called to submit a report on bad workmanship. The following is only one of the many things we uncovered.

The existing window was removed and a wider one was installed. The existing lintel which is now too short is not supporting the roof above. The bricks started collapsing. You can see the crack in the ceiling and in the wall just under it.

The builder saved at the expense of the owner 

We fix bad workmanship

Where is the foundations?

When we removed the floorboards we discovered no foundations under the wall! What to do now? We underpinned the wall at a great expense.

Waterproofing solutions

Electrical installation disaster

This is only one example of the poor electrical workmanship we come across. It is illegal and dangerous.

Electrical Installation

Roof on fire

You are looking at the inside of the chimney.

The yellow plastic, the underlay beneath the tiles, caught fire. You can see the wood on which the tiles are resting. You can also see the roof truss on the right which was blackened by the fire.

This is a dangerous situation that can cause a section of the roof to collapse. 

roof problem

Electrical work made to electrocute 

The builder was paying for the use of electricity. To save, he connected one of the circuit breaker to the supply cable before the electrical meter and embedded it in the brickwork. The builder used this circuit breaker to power all his electrical tools.

We fix electrical issues

Stinking sewer pipe

It was decided to move the toilet to a different position. The floor had to be broken and this is what we found.

The pipe was too short so it was extended in an unregulated method. The extension had a crack in it which was "fixed" in an unaccepted way. When tested, it was leaking badly. You can imagine the smell!

Plumbing solutions

Damp-proofing. Really?

If you wondered why there is damp by your window?

In this scenario, the waterproofing plastic was too short, allowing rain to pernitrate. It was expensive to remove the window, break the wall, lay new plastic, restore the brickworks, install the window 2 days later, plaster and paint inside and  outside.

Waterproofing solutions

Waterproofing cheat

A renowned waterproofing company waterproofed a rusted roof in Sunset Beach. The sheets should have been replaced. Instead, they painted the sheets to hide the rust and charged for it handsomely.   

Waterproofing solutions
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